Mobile Device Management Can Be a Burden, But it Doesn’t Have to Be

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Mobility is an integral part of today’s business, adding tremendous flexibility that allows employees at all levels to operate more efficiently. But, all those mobile devices have to be managed from a corporate security and compliance perspective, which can add tremendous strain to an IT department’s already demanding workload. With all business functions dependent upon IT in order to function, managing mobile devices alongside the rest of your corporate IT infrastructure can easily become a major burden. The right tools, however, can turn these IT headaches into automated, streamlined processes.

Whether your IT team is managing a BYOD environment or corporate-owned devices – or a combination of the two – Micro Focus is trying to simplify their workload by integrating MDM (Mobile Device Management) features into its ZENworks Configuration Management software. Enabling IT teams to manage all end user devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, servers) from a single endpoint management solution not only simplifies the job for IT, it also helps reduce software acquisition and licensing costs.

Whether you’re managing Android or iOS devices, ZENworks Configuration Management provides tools to manage, secure, and control and manage them from a single interface. Security, application management, configuration, inventory tracking and monitoring, on- and off-boarding are all conveniently done through the unified endpoint management solution.

    • Secure and Control All Your Mobile Devices– Secure all mobile devices from the same central location you secure laptops, deskopts, including passwords, policy control, restrictions, remote lock/wipe, and enterprise profiles to separate personal and corporate data.


    • Easily Manage All Your Mobile Devices– Using role-based administration, configuration profiles, and device-specific capabilities, manage all devices from a single console.


    • Visibility into Mobile Device Information– An inventory framework enables IT teams to collect information on mobile devices and installed apps.


    • Simplify Distribution and Control of Mobile Apps– Allow IT to provision iOS and Android enterprise apps and configuration profiles to individual users and user groups. The application and profile bundles include configuration settings and installation instructions to deploy and manage the apps or profiles on mobile devices.


    • Lifecycle Management– Automate many recurring IT processes related to mobile devices, including ensuring devices are properly registered and wiped during employee on- and off-boarding.

Employees rely on their mobile devices to maximize productivity, but without the proper tools to manage them, IT teams struggle to manage them. Regardless of what devices your enterprise uses, and whether they are corporate- or employee-owned, ZENworks Configuration Management makes it easy for IT to effectively manage them, ensuring users have the mobile tools to be productive while following corporate security and compliance mandates. For more on how ZENworks Configuration Management can help manage your mobile devices, click here, and get access to our latest Mobile Management with ZENworks Configuration Management Data Sheet.

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