The ZENworks Community Content is Moving!

by in Team Collaboration and Endpoint Management

Hello, ZENworks community! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Nick Scholz, and I’m the Marketing Manager for Micro Focus ZENworks, Collaboration, and File & Print products. These products are an important part of what Micro Focus has to offer, and we take your commitment, community, and feedback about them VERY seriously.

ZENworks offers unique functionality in the Micro Focus portfolio with powerful endpoint management capabilities, and we’re always assessing how to put it in the places that make most sense to our customers and the market at large.

The ZENworks Community Content is Moving.pngThat’s why I’m here today to tell you that the ZENworks community and social media will be joining our Team Collaboration area! Here in the community, this means that when you are navigating to find you’re the ZENworks community, instead of going to the Security community for ZENworks, you will go to a new community.

… And the name of that community will be change to Team Collaboration and Endpoint Management to better identify it. Everything else, including your posts, announcements, tags, tips, links, and questions, will stay the same.

Internally we’ve long considered the Endpoint Management and Collaboration products to be part of the same family of comprehensive, end-user computing solutions, and this change will help us align with company strategies and reflect that better with the outside world, too.

We’re so grateful to have an incredible and passionate community of users and IT professionals for ZENworks. Please keep talking. You’re helping each other (and us) make the most of these products you rely on every day.


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