Three Pitfalls That Can Derail Your Digital Workplace Project

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Digitalization has emerged as a top enterprise technology trend, with Gartner predicting that leading organizations will digitalize 20 percent of their operations by 2020.

ZENworksChances are likely that your business is considering following suit by digitalizing its workplace, in order to prepare for a new generation of ultra-connected employees and workforce demanding flexible “work from anywhere” environments.

It’s important to realize this can be a complicated project if you don’t plan accordingly. We regularly consult with businesses that rush into workplace digitalization initiatives, only to find out the hard way that they lack the proper resources.  There are many pitfalls that can arise as you transition from an onsite workplace driven by legacy technologies and paper-based management systems into one that is fully distributed.

Here are three common pitfalls that can derail your digital workforce project:

    1. A lack of visibility: Many IT departments struggle to keep track of their hardware, software and digital assets while they are onsite. The job gets exponentially harder once employees start working remotely behind closed doors, where they have the freedom to use their own devices and storage systems. This can open the door to shadow IT, which can lead to major security risks.
    1. Performance issues: Once visibility flies out the window, performance issues are sure to follow. Devices, software and apps in other words, need to be properly maintained and updated from time to time. Employees tend to neglect important updates, as they are not always attuned to the needs of the assets they are using.
    1. Data leaks: Digitizing sensitive information can be incredibly risky, especially if the files are being stored on the public Internet. Dropbox, for instance, recently had a problem where its customers’ private files were getting indexed by search engines and winding up online for the general public to access.

Micro Focus can supply your business with the technologies it needs to overcome these obstacles, ensuring a smooth and painless transition into a digital workplace.

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