Want A Better MDM Solution? We Have You Covered with ZENworks 2017

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With the New Year starting, now is a good time to think about some IT-related processes that you want to improve in 2017.  Here’s one to add to your list of resolutions: Make it a point to optimize your business’s mobile device management (MDM) strategy, to improve security and make life easier in your organization.


If you’re unhappy with your current MDM policy, you are definitely not alone. Here at Micro Focus, we’ve spoken with many IT administrators over the last year who voiced concern about their strategy.

Many are experiencing issues like:

A lack of visibility: For every device that is registered, another one flies under the radar. IT can’t control devices they don’t know about. And unfortunately, employees don’t always feel the need to communicate when they get a new mobile device. This can lead to security vulnerabilities.

Poor planning: Some administrators go overboard, and wind up causing more harm than good. In fact, 1 in 5 BYOD programs fail because of overly-restrictive MDM policies.

Pressure from the C-suite: A large number of IT administrators are facing pressure from the C-suite to improve their MDM policies, yet they aren’t sure where to turn for answers.

We took all of these factors into consideration, and have come up with a great solution. In January 2017, Micro Focus will launch a new version of ZENworks Configuration Management, called  ZENworks Configuration Management 2017. The new version will be a one-stop shop for managing desktops, laptops and mobile devices right from a unified management console (the same one you use to manage MacOS, Windows and Linux devices).

Here are a few reasons to consider ZENworks Configuration Management 2017:

    • Ditch the hardware: This product will allow you to manage your organization’s mobile devices without deploying any extra hardware.
    • More licenses for less: The user-based licensing feature will allow you to manage up to five devices per each user. So you won’t have to purchase multiple MDM licenses for each employee.
    • It’s Apple VPP enabled: This program works with Apple Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), which makes it simple to deploy applications and licenses, and revoke them when users leave.
    • Your end users will love it: It’s a user-friendly self-service portal with a modern, simple, UI design. Users will have no problem requesting applications and other resources from this platform.

To learn more about ZENworks Configuration Management 2017, click here.

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