Webinar: Migrating Documents in GroupWise Document Management to Micro Focus Vibe, Dec. 10

by in Team Collaboration and Endpoint Management

headerWebinar.jpgI wanted to share with you a Webinar hosted by NETCB that I thought would be valuable to the broader community.  While Micro Focus did not develop the tool and this solution is entirely supported by NETCB, NETCB recently worked with our GroupWise client engineering team to build their own migration tool that many customers may find valuable.

Document Libraries in GroupWise? We can migrate you!
Do you still have thousands or even millions of documents stored in GroupWise Document Libraries?

This webinar will explain how our migration tool can be used to migrate all your documents that are stored in GroupWise Libraries to Micro Focus Vibe.

As with any document management system, the process of migrating documents, with all their metadata, activity logs, access rights, and various versions, can be a tedious task.

We will explain how we use our migration tool to facilitate these highly complex projects, ensuring all information is maintained during migration so users can continue to locate their documents or records within the destination system.

Join NETCB for this session where we will show you how you can migrate these Document Libraries, with all their documents and document metadata using our Document Migrator tool.