Windows 10 Migration Can Be a Dream

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At this point, Windows 10 — released in 2015 — is well beyond its nascent stage. In fact, Microsoft is already planning on ending support for its debut version, 1507, within the next 18 months.


Many businesses, though, still haven’t migrated to Windows 10. In a recent survey, 41 percent of companies claimed they have been avoiding the upgrade. Some are even using software to prevent or disable the installation of Windows 10 on user clients.

The survey does not explain why so many companies are avoiding the Windows 10 upgrade. What is clear, though, is that many are finding the process to be difficult. In fact, the majority of respondents that went through with the Windows 10 upgrade claimed the migration process was somewhat to extremely challenging.

Despite this, the survey indicates a major uptick in Windows 10 adoption could take place in 2017. Sixty-four percent of respondents plan to adopt the Windows 10 OS next year.  As such, many IT administrators will be forced to take the plunge and switch operating systems.

The truth, though, is that Windows 10 migration does not have to be an overwhelming experience. The Micro Focus ZENworks Configuration Management solution is specially designed to help businesses adopt and migrate to new systems quickly, safely and with minimal business disruptions.

ZENworks Configuration Management provides IT administrators with a centralized view of their mixed IT environment, along with an overview of all of the different operating systems that are being used. Plus, it automates the distribution of critical updates for users.

If a Windows 10 migration is on your agenda for 2017, make sure to attend a special webinar on January 11  titled “ZCTW – Windows 10 Management and Deployment Best Practices.” This webinar will explain everything you need to know about managing and deploying Windows 10 with ZENworks.

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