ZENworks 2017 Update 4 - Now Available

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Micro Focus is pleased to announce the availability of ZENworks 2017 Update 4, which includes these new features and enhancements.

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ZENworks Configuration Management

Mobile Management

Factory Reset Protection of work-managed Android devices: Prevent users from factory resetting their work-managed devices via Settings. Whitelist corporate unlock accounts.

Additional information on Android bundles: New details include the app version, and track and the last published date.

Additional information on Device Summary: New details include the security patch level applied on the device.

Deprecation of the Device Admin API: The basic mode for Android device enrollment has been discontinued (in response to Google’s announcement to deprecate the Device Admin API from the Android P release). We continue to support the work profile mode and the work-managed device mode.

Restart Android mobile devices:Perform this action via the existing Restart/Shutdown quick task.

Support for Direct Boot for Android 7.0 devices:The ZENworks Agent is always active on the device. Administrators can enforce policies, remove the Work Profile, or factory reset the device—even if the device is locked.

Distribution of iOS enterprise apps: Use the Bundles feature to distribute custom in-house apps that are not publicly available for distribution.

Distribution of Wi-Fi configuration using bundles: Create and deploy Wi-Fi Profile bundles on users’ devices, enabling them to connect to the corporate network.

Office 365 Android App Protection policy: Secure Android apps that are built using the Intune SDK, without enrolling user devices in ZENworks.

Sync between ZENworks and Azure: You can now configure a schedule to sync the ZENworks Intune App Protection policy with Microsoft Azure.

Support for new Android restrictions: Enable device keyguard features. Mount physical external media. Share data using NFC beam. Restricting OS updates.

Support for new iOS 12 restrictions and DEP settings: Automatically update the date and time, set up new devices that are within proximity, delay OS updates. Enhancements such as selecting the default language and region while setting up Apple TV devices.

And more…

Remotely reset the password on Android 8.0 devices

Auto-fill credentials on the ZENworks app using the QR code

Audit the Wipe Device Actions of Intune App Protected devices

On the Apps Catalog page, see a list of apps created via the iOS App Bundles and iOS Enterprise apps

Client Management

Locate Windows 10 devices from the Geolocation tab.

Wipe a Windows 10 device using a new quick task.

Define when bundles should be installed on managed devices.

Check for processes or services that are running on a managed device.

Imaging and Remote Management

Reference an existing MDT bundle.

TLS 1.2 Support for Remote Management and Imaging.


Automatically clean up PRU bundles.

Perform an inventory scan after a device is imaged.

Easily locate mobile hardware inventory data in ZCC Inventory reports.

Asset Management

Import network devices with ADF data into ZCC and link to ZAM Contracts.

Endpoint Security Management

Wildcard enhancements in the Application Control Policy offer more comprehensive access controls with less configuration overhead.

Storage Device Control Policy enhancements simplify policy creation and maintenance.

Full Disk Encryption

Temporarily bypass pre-boot authentication for specified reboots.

Patch Management

Release device patches from quarantine using a quick task.

Two new System variables enable you to further control patch reboot behavior and control storage of patch trending data.

Platform Support

ZENworks 2017 Update 4 supports the following new platforms:

Agent and Primary Server: SLES 12 SP4

Agent and Satellite Server: Windows Server 2019, Windows 10 1809, Window 10 enterprise LTSC 2019, OES 2018 SP1, RHEL 7.5, Scientific Linux 7.5, Mac 10.14

Mobile: iOS 12, Android 5 and later


Report on a zone with PostgreSQL as the database.

ZENworks Application

A new registry key enables you to disable power options when ZAPP is the shell.

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