ZENworks Configuration Management 2017: Your Ticket to Unified Endpoint Management

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Imagine trying to drive a car without a dashboard. You would have to manually check under the hood for fluids, and guess about critical metrics like your speed, mileage and engine temperature.


Driving, in other words, would be immensely difficult — just like trying to manually oversee an enterprise IT environment without a centralized management hub. Most enterprises today are simply too big, and too technologically complex to function without real-time visibility and control over company and employee-owned devices.

For this reason many businesses today are turning to unified endpoint management solutions. In fact, the market is thriving; it’s growing at a CAGR of 42.9 percent (2015 to 2020), and is on pace to reach $3.73 billion.

Introducing ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 (ZCM 2017)

Today, Micro Focus releases the new ZCM 2017 platform — a one stop shop for unified endpoint management.

With ZCM 2017, IT managers can gain a centralized view of every personal computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet in the enterprise — without having to deploy any extra hardware. ZCM 2017 also comes with Apple Volume Purchasing, for simple application deployment and an easy user license provisioning model that grants each user up to five devices.

To help streamline the migration to ZCM 2017, Micro Focus has also released a new deployment guide that will walk you through the entire management process — from setting up the platform and connecting to user devices to wiping devices after they are no longer needed.

There is also a brand new product page for ZCM 2017. So be sure to have a look around as you investigate what this dynamic product has to offer!

To learn more information about ZCM 2017, click here.

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