ZENworks Service Desk v8.3 is Released!

by Micro Focus Employee in Team Collaboration and Endpoint Management

Micro Focus is pleased to announce the latest release of ZENworks Service Desk v8.3.

This critical release is another step targeted in modernization of this help desk system, applying workflow automation to processing of requests efficiently.  ZENworks Service Desk 8.3 has many new features.

One major area included in this release is a redesign and focus on the Knowledge base Documents. 
Modernizing the Knowledge Documents for Users to quickly create, modify, locate the solutions in the Knowledge base document system, displaying them in the Customer Portal in a similar format.

This modernization also allows for comments and ratings of those articles which helps identify the relevancy and give feedback about the articles. 

Let's review more new features that will enhance customer requests and technician responsiveness and efficiency when handling tickets.

New Delegate Role

In any organization colleagues go on holiday or are out on leave. It may be important to delegate another individual to manage their tickets via proxy, so that there isn’t a stoppage or delay for Request resolution. This can be done by assigning a Delegate Role to a Customer or an entire Org Unit.

New! Advanced Item Search

The New Advanced Item Search capabilities makes locating Items when creating or modifying a ticket a breeze. 
Dynamically search through different Item Categories or Item Types to pinpoint the correct Item for the Request.
The new Advanced Item Search displays the list of Items quickly, to help identify the correct Item related to the Request or KBA.

New! Store Dynamic Forms

These popular Dynamic Forms can now be integrated with the Store Items either through a template or directly to an Item giving the requester more options to identify their needs for the requested Item.

New! LDAP User Source Advanced Filtering Query

Streamline the LDAP User Source sync by adding in an advanced filter.

Other exciting features are:

•    Customer Portal HOME Page Dashlets
•    Modernized! Customer Portal SELF HELP w/column placements saved to the customers profile
•    Requests List Personalization w/column placements saved to the technicians profile
•    Auditing Restructured and Improvements
•    Other Customer Enhancements, Improvements and Requests
•    Technical Upkeep (Major Libraries & Database Support)

These and more details are listed in the "ZENworks Service Desk What's New Readme" document.

The What's New video and ZSD v8.3 Upgrade video will be published this week on the Micro Focus Support and Training YouTube Channel for Endpoint Management.


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