Filr 1.2 - Struggling with Searching

Our first use for Filr would be as a Quickfinder replacement. Set up a Small Deployment of on Xen and created 3 NetFolders that pointed it volumes and folders on OES servers, using a Prox user in eDirectory. There are something like a three quarter of a million files represented in those folders, which Quickfinder currently indexes. My testing is all within our LAN and while I have synced our small tree through LDAP, there are essentially just two real users in this test setup - Filr Admin and LDAP me. On the OES servers, I am admin/supervisor.

When logged in as the Filr Admin, I can see the Netfolders and search anything, then preview it/open it, etc.. The search is not as clean as Quickfinder (can't restrict the results by document type - e.g. .docx or .odt) but it seems to return the expected type of results, including unexpectedly from within AutoCAD dwg files.

The problem is when I log in as LDAP me. I see the Netfolders, can browse them, preview files, and open them from the Filr interface. What I can't get is a search result. Everything turns up "No Results".

This is the same problem richardcomptonoaklawn reported on this forum on March 24 except he was working with a Large Deployment, many more files and version 1.1. He didn't report how he resolved his problem. I have followed various other suggestions in old forum posts, including rebooting the server and "re-index everything", but no joy.

Any hints for where I look for what's wrong?