Problem with Zip files downloaded to desktop

Running filr 1.1 (not a appliance)..all patches installed..If I open a web browser and login to filr, I can click on any file and save it to my desktop no problem. However, if I select any file or folder and click on more (download as zip file). the zip file that ends up on my desktop will not open up with any un-zip program.. and the resulting file that lands on my desktop is consistently smaller than the original one on the server by a few K..When I try to open the downloaded zip file, I get a error : Warning error in zip structure, and a central header signature is wrong... any ideas of where to look ??
  • A update to this.. after reading the documentation, I found that filr 1.1 zips up files in ZIP64 format which some unzip programs do not understand. I can unzip the file dowloaded with 7-zip program which obviously understands that format.. Is there any way to tell filr 1.1 to use standard zip format instead of zip64 ??.. otherwise I will need to inform users that they may need to download a different unzip program.. All the macintosh people will definitely need to download a 3rd party utility to unzip since macs do not understand zip64 as a default