Filr Desktop 1.0.2 now available

Novell Filr Desktop 1.0.2 is available for download. This is an
important milestone for Filr and exciting news for those who rely on
the Filr desktop client.

We've updated the Windows and Mac clients with the following

• Event-driven file synchronization simplifies the sync process. Only
the files changed since your last login will sync, meaning that your
files will finish updating sooner, and will use less of your computer's

• Built-in dialogs that simplify collaboration and data sharing. Rather
than opening up a web browser each time you want to share a file or
opening a file to comment on it, you can now simply right-click on the
file and do this from your desktop.

• Simple file properties summary that doesn't just let you see when a
file was last modified. From the File Properties, you can also see who
the file is shared with, who created a file and who modified it. In
addition, if you don't see someone on the list of people the file is
shared with, you can easily add them from the same place.

• Sharing policies that simplify an administrator's job by
prepopulating the Filr server and user account information and
preselecting which folders users have access to.

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