Filr mobile app (iOS) - The request times out -1001

No matter what I do I can not connect from iOS device APP to Filr server Version:

All I get is:

The request times out -1001

I can access

from same device (so it is not ie firewall issue)

And when I connect to above site using mobile browser (Chrome will do) THEN I can use the APP...

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  • We are experiencing the same issue with a little twist. Inside our corporate network everything works fine. Outside, say from home or through a hotspot, iOS devices fail with the app and through the browser.

    I am glad to see we are not the only one having this problem.

    We also see this problem with Macs and Safari, other browsers running on a Mac do not experience the problem.
  • Here is an update from our situation. We guessed that we were having certificate issues and I opened an SR with Novell since the instructions did not seem to work in the documentation or the on TID I found. Our assumption was correct that there was a certificate problem. The notice from mobile Android devices regarding certificates stopped. The problems with Apple devices has not gone away. Some OS X devices cannot download from links. Other devices running iOS either cannot connect at all though Safari or through the Filr app. Occasionally one of these devices can connect but it is not consistent.