HTTP Status 400 - unknown file @ Filr 1.1

After migrating to Filr 1.1 everyting works fine.

Only one Network-Folder throws us a Tomcat message if we want to open any file within that folder (browsing the files and folders works fine):

HTTP Status 400 - Unbekannte Datei
type Status report
message Unbekannte Datei
description The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect.
Apache Tomcat/7.0.42

Mobile client tells me that I do not have the neccessary rights.

  • Deleting the Networkfolder and re-establishing it did not help
  • Deleting the Folder and the Networkfolderserver and re-establishing the Server and the Folder did not help
  • Re-indexing the folder did not help.

Accessing this files as "admin" works fine. But not as an ordinary user (although he has the rights - and that worked before @1.0.1 !!)

I am running out of ideas now! :confused:
-> Any suggestions?