HTTP Status 400 - unknown file @ Filr 1.1

After migrating to Filr 1.1 everyting works fine.

Only one Network-Folder throws us a Tomcat message if we want to open any file within that folder (browsing the files and folders works fine):

HTTP Status 400 - Unbekannte Datei
type Status report
message Unbekannte Datei
description The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect.
Apache Tomcat/7.0.42

Mobile client tells me that I do not have the neccessary rights.

  • Deleting the Networkfolder and re-establishing it did not help
  • Deleting the Folder and the Networkfolderserver and re-establishing the Server and the Folder did not help
  • Re-indexing the folder did not help.

Accessing this files as "admin" works fine. But not as an ordinary user (although he has the rights - and that worked before @1.0.1 !!)

I am running out of ideas now! :confused:
-> Any suggestions?
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  • On Wed, 02 Sep 2015 14:26:04 GMT, spgsitsupport
    <> wrote:

    >But it is unusable as it stands. Most of my users documents are in
    >Groups. SR is out of the question, on educational licensing 1 SR costs a
    >quarter of year full licensing


    It is usable, working fine for us. So there must be somthing unique
    about your setup. Hopefully someone can jump in here with some ideas.
    Reading back through the posts, I don't follow what is going on with
    your installation.

    Didn't know you were educational licensing. That's tough. It is too
    bad that educational licensing doesn't include a few SRs. Do you have
    an outside support company that could assist?