GW Attachments - limit or self cleaning?

I miss a possibility to use a self cleaning feature in Filr if I use the Filr integration in GroupWise.

  • I can use public links to send big attachments. But is there possibility to set a time limit for this public links (except doing this manually afterwards)?
  • If Filr integration is in heavy use then a lot of attachments will be stored in GW Attachments. Are there any self cleaning options?
  • GW Attachments will work because of allowing personal storage. The amount of personal storage can be limited. What happens with new attachments if this limit has been reached?
  • On the GroupWise side we use the Filr REST interface to insert the attachment into Filr and get the link.   We haven't built in any time to live,   this would be an enhancement request perfect for the Idea Exchange assuming the REST interface for filr has a time to live option.

    This is the same for the self cleaning.   GroupWise doesn't remove the attachments, it has now ownership on them.   If Filr had a cleaning option that could be set.

    If Filr rejects the attachment being uploaded to Filr because of size, space, incorrect credentials etc... you will receive and error on the GroupWise side and the Filr reference will not be created.

  • I agree Mike.

    Would be easier if Filr Ideas Exchange were located here on this community platform - as GroupWise already did!