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Ability to either Open or Preview Filr documents on IOS and Android devices

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Waiting for Votes
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over 4 years ago
We're starting to use Filr in the Field that require end users to fill out forms and documents and submit them for review. As it stands when you click on a document by default the Filr preview pane shows the document. You have the option of downloading and/or copying to another IOS or Android application. What would be nice is if you can have Filr default to "opening" the document vs preveiwing it. I understand you can use the native app to open Filr documents through IOS extensions without having to open Filr first, however not every application (such as Adobe Reader) will list Filr as an app to open the document through IOS extensions. Thus this leads to more confusion with entry level users and adds more keystroks and taps.

Thank you.
  • Think this is what you need for online document editing: Opening a 3th party app from (like) Filr does not work, things such as IOS extensions have a very inconsisten en confusing workflow for users, and you always have to download a file first before you can edit it then you have to upload it again. Meanwhile the file size and format may add another limit to that, also so apps must convert before you can edit resulting them not uploading back to Filr and teh file ending up in like your OneDrive/iCloud/etc instead in your own data center.