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Ability to have download links available via FTP

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 4 years ago
When sending links to files, providing the ability to enable an FTP link to a file. (Would obviously require that an FTP server be incorporated into Filr). Also provide multi-thread and download resumption support.



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  • I agree that we need to have checkpointed upload/download - which we plan to bring in future. The core proposition of Filr is to provide a uniform, secure and user friendly access to data from anywhere/anytime/anydevice. Given that - providing access via FTP, mapped drives etc don't fit in well with: we don't have any plans to do this at this point of time. We will reconsider this based on demand for this in future.
  • As far as I understand the post, it is about sending Upload Requests or Download Links as FTP links, so a user would be able to Upload or Download files over FTP, using an FTP-client.
  • Hi Mark, Would you be requesting for Filr to support FTP servers OR providing a FTP link to file? In order to help us understand and make this part of Filr's backlog, can you share the requirement in the following format: As a Filr admin/user (persona) I would like to be able to .... (what is needed) So that ..... (how does this helps)