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Access filr from a virual machine

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over 3 years ago
Host with filr client and VMWare workstation installed.
Shared the topmost filr folder with a Windows 10 virtual machine

If I use a the VMWare workstation, to access filr (running on the host, and shared via the "shared folder" options in vmware), the result is "access denied".
I belive it would be nice to access filr folders from within a virtual machine.


Desktop Client
  • It looks like VMWare does not like the filr folder, after all it is not a real folder, in the traditional sense. A couple of options that may work for you. You can install Filr Desktop on the virtual machine, You can have multiple desktop clients running against the same user. Alternativly rather than maping the shared folder to the Filr folder map it to the C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Filr Storage. This will allow you to access any files that have been downloaded locally, but not download any new files.