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Add Personal Address Book for external contacts

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Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago
The Filr Address book only holds internal users, while case I want to share with an external user I have to manually add the email address. Mostly that involves copy and pasting from other sources.

While we have asked for integration with like Outlook and the GroupWise client that is good enough when using the desktop client, and on a mobile device the Mobile client could integrate with the device address book. These address books could be out of sync depending the way the user manages it's address book and does not solve the contacts problem for the web client.

I believe we have to add an (personal) address book for every user to keep it's external contacts in.

These contacts are accessible from any Filr client making it a consistent experience for the user. Be it that when sharing an external user obviously easily is shown as being external (case there are multiple John Doe's).

At first I would like to see the user be able to:
* Add/remove/edit contacts
* Allow an import (update) using a csv/vcf file. This can be easily exported by a user from Outlook/GroupWise/other solutions.

Second fase:
* Have a look at a way to sync GroupWise-Outlook-Filr-Vibe-... address books. We once had a product named DataSynchroniser for this:>
* Or, create an 'addressbook service' (appliance) which if fed by GroupWise/Outlook/other and can be leveraged by Filr/Vibe/other for this contact information. This would also be a nice distinction compared to the manual import