Idea ID: 2781686

Add preview and streaming function for video data to Filr server

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago
In the current version Filr offers the ability to open and preview several image formats as well as PDF files and office documents on the server. This works with the web interface as well as with the mobile App and is a very useful feature especially for our users who work in the field with a slow network connection.
Extending this feature to video data will be a very welcome improvement of Filr. Our scientist and students sometime work with folders containing thousands for video files (scientific content only, of course) and having to download many of them just to have a quick view on the content can be annoying and takes much time.
I am aware that such a feature has the potential to put significant additional load on the Filr servers. It might be wise to implement it as a configurable option for single Netfolders.