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Add the tool screen to the appliance

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago
We are using SSH and "zypper up" for patching remote servers as we have ~20 filr deployments worldwide and doing that through the web interface is too much effort.

When ever we install patches over a long distance high latency WAN connection it happens from time to time that the connection drops and we can not reconnect to the running upgrade/patch process.

On "normal" Linux servers we start the "zypper up" process within a screen session that allows the process to continue to run even if the SSH connection gets lost and also allows the administrator to re-connect to that running process to check the status etc..

Unfortunately the tool "screen" is not available on the Filr appliances and due to that we request this to be added for future versions to allow easier management of world wide distributed filr deployments.