Idea ID: 2779499

Customizable email notification templates

Status : Delivered
over 6 years ago
As a Filr administrator I want to be able to create email templates that are used when email notifications are sent by filr so that the emails sent can ensure that they meet legal or other business requirements.

Happy Path Use Case:
1) I login to the web console
2) Some where I can choose to configure email templates
3) I can update the email templates to have the appropriate information
4) There are variables that can be used that allow me to include things like share link, comment link, sharer, commenter, etc.
  • Filr 2 which was released yesterday (9th Feb) includes this feature. Thanks for all your inputs and feedback. Looking forward to this feature adding a lot of value to you!!!
  • This is coming in Filr's next release!!! Reach out to me if you would be interested in checking this feature in the upcoming beta program
  • Don't forget to enabled backup/restore functions for the customized brandings.
  • Most messages can already be changed in properties-files on the server. Nevertheless this feature would be more than important to customers. Customers really need a way to change the main notification messages by using the web interface (and without having to restart the service). And Mails coming from Filr are often categorized as SPAM due to the "strange" links they contain and because they're only sent to BCC etc, so having more usefull information in the mails would help in this aspect, too. Detailed requirements and reasons for this feature are: 1.) an enterprise always wants or even needs(by law!) to add an email signature containing contact details etc. 2.) including the enterprise's logo would be nice 3.) some kind of disclaimer and data policy information is normally necessary by law (what this service is about and what happens with the user's data) Just a few cent from my side.