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Enhance Search to narrow down search results

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 6 years ago
Currently it is not possible to search on a search. When trying to find a document it would be an advantage if one could search the results of a search. For example one searches for "GroupWise installation" and receives 200 hits, then search again with "Post Office" which then searches among these 200 results, instead of having to change the whole search.


  • My users are complaining that they do a search and then are not able to sort the results. If the results came back as a listing the same as a folder listing where they could sort by DATE - especially, but also by Author, size ... they are having to scroll through 10's sometimes hundreds of pages looking for the document that was created on or about the date they last saw it referenced.
  • Filr was promoted as replacement for Quickfinder. In Quickfinder, there is a simple interface that allows you to search for all .doc, .docx and odt files created in the last year with the word "Xyz" and stored on a given net folder. You can have the results easily sorted by date or relevance. In Filr you have no control over the results - every file is returned from every source unless you make use of a buried programmer like API that no one in my office tries to use (and we are all engineers). I am likely going to have to redeploy Quickfinder until this gets fixed in Filr.