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Filr Desktop Clients support SSO with LDAP user Authentication

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 6 years ago
In an enterprise, LDAP Authentication is most commonly used by User(s) to authentication to the network/hardware. Since Filr clients are one of the network elements within the enterprise, I see a need to enhance Filr Desktop clients to support Single Sign-On(SSO) with LDAP authenticated user.


Desktop Client
  • Agreed SSO for the Desktop Client, Office PLugin is a must in corp. And yes look at ZCM framwork :) Also Certificate sign in for the mobile devices, for example being able to push out via Airwatch, ZCM etc.
  • Hi Paul, We havn't yet started looking at this considering other items in priority for Desktop client (Long Path name support and others). Have noted your point. Will let know once we get to this. Regards, Dev
  • Thanks Dev. Good point Sebastiaan - I think the ZCM team will have exactly the right knowledge and experience for this.
  • Think this involves quite some work in the front and backend. Maybe we could leverage the framework that the ZCM team has build for this and leverage that for authenticating the Filr Client and Office Apps case a valid auth was found. The frameworks supports both eDir and AD (but could also leverage any other LDAP source). The framework is able to cache credentials in the local store too so the user would not have to save the credentials locally in an 'less save' way (assumtion).