Idea ID: 2780366

Improved document editing to support co-editing with special software

Status : Delivered
over 6 years ago
Improved online editing – Document Co-editing using Libre Office or Microsoft Office. Include Libre Office as on online document solution using Filr as the back end. Much like Google Docs but self-hosted storing data on the internal IT infrastructure.

I believe that there are companies looking for a better way to co-edit documents without relying on outsourced cloud providers. Perhaps, Filr has the potential to make this happen with some specific office suites.



  • Hi Dev Thanks for this Infos, but what is the timeframe for 4.0 and post 4.0. a half year, one year ore more?
  • We would like to see this feature developed. Any idea when we can see this in Filr,Devadas?
  • Just a quick heads up... LOOL/COOL are not slowing down; small overview of planned enhancements in upcoming versions: * Mobile UX improvements * Ability to start Sharing in the COOL UI * Insert images from... [in our case directly from Filr NetFolders] * Based on LibreOffice/Collabora Office 6 which has much improved document filters * UX/UI speed and visual improvements Have a look at a recent presentation of COOL 3.4 and upcoming 4.0 (presented on the Nextcloud Conference). Shows some nice examples of MS Offlice Online VS LOOL/COOL too.
  • Hello, great idea, it's really a hot feature request. Many of our scientits asks for the integration on an online editing tol in Filr. In my opinion an API to the most intresting tools like COOL or a libreoffice based tool would be great. Remark: ownCloud/nextCloud as an free cometiton have this up and running, so it would be great if this feature can be integrated in the near future.
  • COOL works perfectly fine with Nextcloud in a browser, just still missing the Nextcloud Mobile App integration. So whoever fixes that first gets my vote...