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Mailless File Request Links

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago
An customer has asked me it is possible to create an permanent "file request link" without given the Filr an e-mail address.
To according the european GDPR, an application must be transmitted in encrypted form. And for this the customer wants to use the Filr. He wants that applicants can upload their curriculum vitae to the Filr without sending each applicant an mail with the Filr file request link.

Therefor here the idea request:
- Extant the file request method
> Make a file request usable with an link instead of an e-mail target
> Option: Make an file request link multible usable, maybe let the user specify how often the link can be used
> Extension: To avoid multible files with the same name, ask the user which upload the file, for his name or e-mail address
> Extension: Make file requests on netfolders, where the user have the rights to do this