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Merge TeamWorks, Vibe and Filr into a single solution

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago
We want one single MicroFocus team collaboration solution which integrates well with (at least) any other MicroFocus product. This would make integration with 3th party solutions easier also, where applicable. Mentioned products originate all from the same source (Vibe) and instead of competing development-, support- and sales (MF and partners) time we better work together communicating one platform to (potential) customers. Sure any of these products have a certain fit, but at the same time a huge overlap is keeping data silo’s for customers in place, where the idea once was to break these borders. At the same time any of these products has valuable features the other is missing. We feel the market is moving from single purpose products to more integrated, open, cross border, secure, not locking into, team driven solutions. We feel too much time is spend fighting for enhancements in any of these products that would benefit the other products as well. This is mainly [opinion] caused by how these products are traditionally split in product groups (groupware, file). This no longer serves customers in an optimal way and leads to losing customers (opportunity) instead of gaining those as in many cases neither product tends to be a (perfect) fit or is not able to blend into the next step a customer is taking.

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  • As MF is IMO on the wrong path and not planning to integrate mentioned solutions I created an new Idea "Why it makes sense for GroupWise to integrate with Nextcloud" From a Filr perspective, I mentioned a Headless Filr in an earlier post, in this solution the services (ak FAMT) solve the integration of files on flat-filesystemens, which is the current scope for Filr anyway. As Nextcloud flat-fileystem integration works in a similar way the integration of Vibe does ("mirrored folders"), I think Filr could bring that needed integration in a much better way.
  • We have this idea realized in NetIQ Sentinel already: technically we have on platform for Sentinel Enterprise and Sentinel for Log Management, functionality available for the Customer limited by the License only so Customer may turn Sentinel for Log Management into the Sentinel Enterprise very easy by only buy the approprate license. Same things for ZENworks as well. I recognize Vibe as the very powerful platform having many exclusive options: like Filr Versioning and Workflow Engine, for intance. If we will have all three (Vibe, Filr, Teamworks) realized on the same platform limited in the same way as Sentinel/ZENworks, that will be really cool! Anyway, this adds more value to Vibe and decrease costs for Filr/Vibe/Teamworks support.
  • One solution could be to have a "headless" Filr Appliance which can at the API level be used in TeamWorks so we can access NetFolders in a TeamWorks-style way. The same solution could work for Vibe customers; we can add a headless Filr appliance so NetFolders in Filr can be access from Vibe in a Vibe-style way.