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Multifactor logon for filr

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago
Multifactor logon with Microsoft authenticator or/and Google authenticator



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  • regarding "... Filr does not currently support third party Multi Factor solutions.", I remember AA can forward the auth request to 3th party solutions so I guess that would work right?

  • Multifactor authentication for eksternal users is very big wish on our part. I know this could be a challenge according to the way Filr handles eksternal users. If anyone has a soloution to this - please send us i that direction 


  • I recently came across a customer who was using Microsoft Azure Proxy with Multi Factor authentication to access Filr and Content Editor.  So this can be done to some extent outside Filr.

  • There is a MultiFactor authentication entitlement with Filr Advanced.  This is delivered with Advanced Authentication Limited with 4 methods (SMS OTP, Email OTP, TOTP and Radius) so this can be implemented with no additional license cost. 

    However Filr does not currently support third party Multi Factor solutions.