Idea ID: 2779288

NetFolder support for Microsoft Office plugin

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago
Now the plugin is there feels (kindoff) needless to say we need NetFolder support for the Microsoft Office plugin. Not having this is so limiting that the plugin is near unusable for our customers as most of them work with files on Shares and not with files in their private folder. Now they again have to copy files over to be able to use the plugin while the whole point of Filr was to keep files where they are.


  • Available from Filr 4.1.x onwards.

  • FYI: The Office/Outlook plugin is part of the Filr suite. The GroupWise client access to Filr is part of the GroupWise suite. The idea for Net folder Access from within GroupWise is:
  • I'm really not happy about this situation. Customers updated to the Filr Advanced version, only to find out it was not possible to use the plugin's with NetFolders (it's called a security feature; really... [banging head]). That was 12 months ago, today still not possible. So totally useless investment imo as near no end user uses the plugin's the way they were intended. FE users now just still drag a file from that same share into a mail message and send it off, problem solved, or kept on using other ways to share. Then the sharing mails are really unclear related to the mail message of the sender, which is at minimal confusing for the recipient. Kindoff the same for the Filr function in GroupWise: PM says it's not possible with the current Filr API but has not talked to the Filr team in ages. Not sure what to think of it. Besides that it so nicely hidden in GW it's not user friendly at all. Anyway, the checkboxes are marked Done so we should be happy right.
  • Any news on this? We need the work on this too for GroupWise customers as the GroupWise-Filr integration depends on the same API enhancements whichs allows the Outlook Plugin sharing/storing content on NetFolders.