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Please change Start Page - last used files

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over 1 year ago

We are a school, and our teachers see the "last used files" of everyone, because we have netfolders. So they see files of pupils, which they don't have, or they see files from other teachers, which they put in netfolders of their classes. This is very irritating. As admin I need to change this, or only have a picture or whatever!

  • Filr 4.2.1 has improvements to Recent Files listed in Home page.

    Details below:

    For users:

    - Users can control how many recent files they see in the list from User Profile Settings

    For Admins:

    1) By default, the recent files accessed by the user in the past 7 days are listed in the Recent Files, which can be changes to max 60 days via the file.

    recent.activity.for.days=<value>  (Max is 60)

    2) By default, activities from Net Folders are listed in Recent Files. Admins can restrict this via the file.


    This setting does not affect share activities performed on Net Folder files and it would be listed in Recent Files

  • The Recent Files shows files from the netfolders  where a user has access. Hence you may be seeing those files as well.

    If you open a Service Request with Support, they can provide a patch where you can disable files from netfolders showing up in Recent Files.

    On landing at the My Files after login, a quick workaround would be for the user to bookmark “ https://<firlserver>/filr/user/my-files/ “, and access this.

  • I need this too. For what reason I see recent files I don't even have access too?


    I would like to disable this Recent Files View. Showing a picture as kswn mentioned or just landing at the My Files after login would be nice. 

  • I would agree. The more files you have access to, the less useful "recent files" becomes. Perhaps an option to only see the files that you have edited rather than anything in a folder you have access to.

    I feel the main use of "recent files" is to allow you to quickly select a file you've been working on, so the files that others have been working on really doesn't have much benefit.