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Remove the Java Runtime (JRE) Requirement From All Filr Operations/Functions

Status : Delivered
over 5 years ago
The ability to edit documents in place (such as using the "Edit This File" link), requires the Java Runtime (JRE) in Filr and Vibe. This means that it no longer works in the latest release of Google Chrome. Please get rid of Java Runtime ASAP so all browsers will have full functionality in Filr in Vibe.

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  • Flagging this as delivered as this requirement was removed some time ago.

  • May be "fine" for you; certainly not for me:) To add a note to my follow up from over a -year- ago (guess time flies) stating "Vibe has the same code base as Filr so any improvement at this point in either product benefits the other" seems no longer the case. Today there are three teams working on a "product" (Filr, Vibe, TeamWorks) with a near same goal "reinventing wheels" but now the product that stood still for the longest time (Vibe) now has removed the JRE dependancy but in Filr this issue is still there. This is just taking toooo long.
  • Hi James, FYI Vibe has the same code base as Filr so any improvement at this point in either product benefits the other. Vibe has a lot of goodies that we (I and my customers) would like to see on top of Filr, like team work spaces ([teams work on collections of files which live in NetFolders] and teasm want to store more than just files). Difference is that Filr works with files on existing shares, while Vibe works with files which live in the Vibe silo. Vibe does have file versioning, etc; well most of which we need in a file sharing solution (IMHO). A HTML plug vs a JRE plug would not allow collaborative working on Office documents, think that would depend on the application itself being aware of such. The easiest way to get (co-)editing into Filr is, as you found, leverage LOOL (=COOL/CODE). This would not only provide the ability to edit documents on any device, but also co-editing. I would hope co-editing is to be extended into LibreOffice (desktop) so it would be able to open a file from LOOL and allow for an even richer co-edit experience for (desktop tied/power) users. The point here is that Filr+COOL makes 'us' independent of other vendor solutions while providing a rich document (co-)editing experience. This way we can create our own playing field instead of being (somehow) dependent on what Office 365/Google Docs provides; things such as files needed to be copied between App silos (and being left behind or the need to copy them back), unclear/inconsistent file editing work flows, files being synced to other silos (OneDrive, Google Drive) in the background silently etc. Customers make a choice for Filr as they demand to keep files where they live today. But without the right tools 'we' make it then even harder for them to control where those files go after that. So, as I would say: what is the point of having file access if you can edit them?
  • We're now selling Filr as a Service Provider. Edit-in-place is a big talking point, but has been rendered useless with most browsers removing support for Java. Edit-in-place using another technology (HTML5?) would bring it back to the table. I'm not a user of Vibe, so can't comment on features, but assume this would also allow collaborative working on Office documents?