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Upload/progress bar for file uploads when using Filr API

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over 1 year ago
Our organization has integrated Filr API into web based system. Main function is to let internal users upload files into web based system from NSS volume(eDirectory users Homes directories) to different NSS volume location(WBS large file catalog). When users upload large files(for example: 2GB video file), it could take some time and users cannot see how far file is uploaded already. Maybe there is a possibility to create upload/progress bar for file uploads when user uploads file using Filr API functions.


  • It would be great, when API progress bytes or percents would be available as an ReST API function or file copy function (from Folder1 to Folder2 in users Filr foder structure) as an asyncronous process with 3 syncronous functions: 1) CopyStart (file, from,to, CallbackURL ) returns copy instance Guid 2) CopyStatus (copy instance GUID) - returns Copy progress status, returns bytes copied or percents copied, Error text (if status "error")) 3) CopyStop (copy instance GUID)- function allows to purge copy process when it's in progress.