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Velocity Engine (email templates) outdated

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago
We are using modified (Apache Velocity) email templates on Vibe for ourselves and our customers, and found that some (of our) modifications are only working with Velocity Engine 1.7 (Vibe 4.0.5 uses 1.7 already). While trying to get these templates to work on Filr 3.x/4.x (Beta) we discovered that Filr still uses Velocity Engine 1.5 (>10 years old!).

2018-10-09 - Velocity Tools 3.0 released
2017-08-06 - Velocity Engine 2.0 released
2010-11-29 - Velocity Engine 1.7 released

What do you think about updating the Velocity Engine and tools?