Filr 3 is released!

Filr 3 brings new, exciting capabilities and options. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

  • Enhanced Sharing: Share Net Folder and sub folders with other team members and external users based on the rules defined by the Filr administrator. This has been the most voted idea for Filr at the ideas portal.

  • Support for Custom Branding (aka “white labeling”): Customize Filr Mobile & Desktop Clients to match your corporate branding.

  • Simplified Management:

    • Online Update for Appliance: Get future Filr patches directly and at your convenience using the Filr appliance admin console.

      • No more need to check the download site, download the update, transfer, and upload before you can apply the patches.

    • We plan to deliver new features via this channel and thus share the upcoming features faster and more easily.

  • Desktop Client Registration: Track & manage desktop and mobile devices connected to Filr.

  • Enhanced Security & Regulatory Requirements:

    • Remote Wipe: Lost devices shouldn’t mean lost data! Remotely wipe the local copy of all Filr files from the lost device.

  • Secure Communication: Encrypt the communication between the Filr virtual appliance and the database.

  • Terms and Conditions for External Users: Meet your organization’s regulatory requirements when granting external users access to Filr by showing and enforcing acceptance of terms and conditions.

  • Change in Brand: Filr 3.0 is completely Micro Focus branded with sharp blue colors and icons.

  • Enhancements on Performance and Usability:

    • Performance improvements including upgrade to SMBv2 for NSS AD access

  • Usability improvements for Admin console

  • And more..

Introduction of “Advanced” Edition:

With Filr 3, we are introducing a new edition of Filr named “Filr Advanced.” The existing edition of Filr (which was called “Filr”) is renamed to “Filr Standard.”

Filr Advanced contains some exclusive advanced capabilities. Two such capabilities we have started off with are Net Folder Sharing and Custom Branding. We plan to add new capabilities to Filr Advanced and Filr Standard via Online Update in coming months.

We are running a promotion on Filr Advanced for our existing customers (including OES and NOWS customers). Do consider using the promotion to upgrade to Filr Advanced at discounted rates. For more information, please review the FAQ.

For all things Filr, check out the cool new product page.

So, why wait - get the new capabilities & look by upgrading to Filr 3 soon!




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