Setup LDAP

We have GroupWise 2012 running on a Windows 2008R2 machine with eDir 8.8 SP7. Last week we migrated our last Netware server 6.5 SP8 to Windows 2008R. The server is still running. Our goal is to remove the Netware server and the client from all PCs. My main issue is, I can't see the LDAP running on the GroupWise Server. I can see LDAP on all Windows servers and the one Netware server. 1). Do I need to install MS LDAP on the GroupWise server? It lists NLDAP as running. 2) Because it is running GroupWise, Should NLDAP be on another port? 3) When /if I get this working, will everyone need to have a GroupWise password or will it pickup the eDir Password?

Thank you,