WebAccess performance


I just upgraded from GW2012sp3 to GW14.0.1HP1 on SLES11sp3 with eDir and EXT3 file system. The standard client works fine but performance on the WebAccess is really bad.
I had GW and WebAccess loaded on a fairly fast Server with 20 GB ram for about 500 users with about 250 web users but web performance was BAD. In desperation I fired up a SLES XEN VM
with 4 GB ram and installed the WebAccess. This seems to work perfectly and then slowly the apps starts to die. A restart of tomcat does not fix the problem. So a reboot of the VM fixes the issue
but users need to login again and they are getting ready to revolt and go on strike :)

Another issue is that the Frequent Contacts address book needs to be re-added to each users (settings, options, general, add address book) as the address auto-completed is not working.

Any ideas (perhaps I should go back to GW14.01 without HP1)