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I have a user that was trying to send a meeting notice to ten internal users. She added each recipient individually, as to using a system group for the bulk and then adding some extras. When she actually sent the meeting invitation, the system added seven additional users. When she demonstrated the process for me, it repeated. Ten original recipients then seven additional. The system did add the same extras each time. I had her send using a system group for the bulk then manually add three extras that needed to be included and then the system worked as expected, only the ten recipients.

Anyone have a guess as to what and/or why?

We are running GW 2014 r2, fully patched on a SLES 11 sp4, fully patched box. My user's client version is 14.2.2.



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    > Anyone have a guess as to what and/or why?

    Not of the top of my head, so to limit what we need to look at, here
    are some basics to check

    1) Does this happen to others or only this one user?
    2) Does this follow the user or the PC/WinProfile?
    3) On-line vs caching most vs WebAccess

    Do you run regular scheduled GWchecks that include a Contents check? If
    so check the results for problems that don't go away.

    If the problem points to the PC/WinProfile, running a CleanDisk
    (CCleaner) and a disk defragment can sometimes help.

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