Restore mailbox when user has a space in their name

I've deleted a few mailboxes accidently. I have been trying to restore them from last night's backup (using the Recover Deleted Account tool in the Admin console).
Any users without spaces in their name recover successfully, but all the ones with spaces (most of them) in the Name field won't - you select them, click ok and no user is selected. FOund TID 3989266 which says users with a space in the Mailbox ID can't be recovered, you need to remove the space first. Any idea how I can do that or another way to restore the mailboxes?

  • Just wanted to add some more info to my original post and ask a few more questions:

    Firstly, my server is GW2014SP1 running on SLES11.3. My backups are done more or less as detailed in a cool solutions post:
    dbcopy <domain path> <backup path>/<domain>
    dbcopy <po path> <backup path>/<po path>
    rsync -avz --delete <agent path> <backup path>/<agent path>
    rsync -avz --delete <webaccess path> <backup path>/<webaccess path>
    The backup path is then backed up to tape

    The path that the domain dbcopy is done to is setup as the restore point for my system, so the previous night's backup is accessible from there and users can restore deleted mail from the client. That's where I'm trying to restore the mailboxes from in the admin console.

    If I can't restore the deleted mailboxes using the restore function in the Admin console because of the space in the name, can I somehow re-create the users in my live system with the old file id (TID 3801441 shows how you do it in GW6.5 but how can you in GW2014?) and then login and restore the email from the restore location?

    Failing that, I could setup a new server offline and dbcopy the backup to that system. That would put the deleted mailboxes into that system so they could be exported and then re-imported into the live system (once new users are created). However, I don't know how I could login as those users on the offline system without eDir being present. Since 2014 can host users without them being in eDir or AD, I guess there might be a way to do this?

    There are 3 users who will need email access tomorrow morning, even if they don't have the old email. Can I setup a temp account with the old email address for those users to use in the meantime?
    If I do that, my plan once I somehow find a way to restore their old mailbox, would be:
    rename the new temp account,
    restore the deleted mailbox
  • To answer my own question, today I've found what I couldn't find late last night - TID7014868 shows how to create a user with a specific FileID. I'm now re-creating the deleted users and then they can access the deleted email from the Restore location.