Unable to stop MTA

After all my upgrades to 18.2, along the way cropped up one issue that is just baffling.  One cause of my upgrades not working on my GWIA server is that the MTA for the secondary domain will not really stop. Issuing the commands to stop it say it is "done", but checking the status shows it is still running.  You can retry the stop command to your heart's content, it just won't stop. So the databases were not showing as upgraded after everything was said and done because of this problem.  We had to kill the MTA process to get it to stop. Support is looking into why this is happening.  I am curious as to if anyone has ever seen this issue occur?

I do not run high availability nor Monitor in my GW environment. 

Thanks in advance,



    Hi Val,

    Firstly stop/kill the MTA from running.  Then you could try to uninstall the domain service from the server:

    gwsc -u -s <domain name>

    Do an "rcgrpwise status" and the MTA should no longer be listed there.

    Then install the MTA/Domain service back onto the server:

    gwadminutil services -i /path/to/mta/

    Then an "rcgrpwise status" should list the MTA again and you should be able to start/stop it.



  • Hi Laura,

    Sorry so late in seeing this.  I will give it a shot next maint go-round.  I want to say the MF Engineer tried this, but I could be wrong.  I'll let you know!

    Kind regards,