Moving Groupwise mails with Apple Mail

I am using Apple Mail to connect with my work's Groupwise server via imap on my MacBookPro. When Apple Mail moves mails from the Inbox to any other imap folder on the Groupwise server, there always is a copy of that message in a local folder "Recovered Messages".  This then requires me to go through hundreds of "recovered" messages, to check if they were moved correctly to their respective imap folders or if they were indeed recovered because of some error occurring during the move.




    Get your GroupWise system administrator to make a change on your client settings in the GroupWise Administration console.  The change they need to make is to enable "IMAP copy results in a GroupWise move".  That typically resolves such issues.







  • Dear Laura,

    I forwarded your suggestion to our computer center, but seemingly they already had that option enabled, to no avail. Here is their reply:

    vielen Dank für die Mühe (und an Laura) ... die Option ist bei uns gesetzt. Das Problem ist das das Copy & Delete nicht immer als solches erkannt wird (z.b. wenn mehrere Aktionen gleichzeitig erfolgen) und in den vernünftigen Move Befehl umgesetzt wird.

    Translated this means:

    Thank you for your effort (and also to Laura)… that option is already enabled. The problem is that “Copy & Delete” is not always recognized as such (e.g. when various actions are issued simultaneously) and is hence not translated in the correct move command.

    Jacques Bloch