Multi-User Calendar Causes Client Crash


We are slowly upgrading our clients from 2012 to 2014R2 SP1 Hot Patch 1. A few of our office managers need access to multiple calendars at once (at least around 20). This worked in the previous version with the Multi-User Columns option. Now a couple of our users are reporting that the client will suddenly go gray. They have to kill the application and restart. It only happens when they are in the calendar. Has anyone heard of this issue in 2014?



  • Hi Jeremy,

    Yes I've seen this before but randomly. You say you are using Hot Patch 1 - I recommend that you update that to Hot Patch 2 as that's the latest [shipping] client.

    For one of my clients the resolution was to delete all the multi-user calendars and views and then recreate them again. Yes, I know this is a tedious process but I suggest that you take one user experiencing this issue and do this to see if it resolves your issue.

    Please let us know how it goes.