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We discovered that one of our users has two archives. He would like to merge them into one archive. The client allows us to access and view the messages in the second archive. The problem is when we try to unarchive any of the messages. We get the following error: [c05d] - Dependent store file does not exist on the disk. I tried running structural and contents checks on the archive. Neither find any problems according to the logs. After the structure check runs and the log appears we get a popup with the following 0x8101 error. But like I said the actual log states that it didn't find any correctable/non-correctable issues. Does anyone have advice on how to proceed?



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  • In article <>, Jesullivan
    > The damaged archive is on a shared network location. The client is
    > running Windows 7. The second (damaged archive) must have been created
    > recently because he only has 162 message items in the inbox folder.

    What type of shared network location? Is that particular folder
    accessible by others and/or antivirus (most don't understand GW
    By any chance was anything done with the user's FID?
    What are the archive folders called? I'd expect them to be of the form
    of ofFIDarc and how they are different might shed us a clue.

    Andy of in Toronto
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