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We upgraded about two weeks ago to the lastest hot patch 14.2.2hp1. A week after the update we started getting reports from users of slowness with in the client. Mobile users would see new emails appear on their phones before the client itself. Manually refreshing does work to show the new emails. We temporarily fixed the issue by restarting the servers. We'll it's been a little over a week since then and its happening again. Has anyone else had this issue since updating?



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    > Has anyone else had this issue since updating?

    No notice at this end.
    What server OS
  • We're running Windows Server 2012 R2 on both post office servers. I haven't found anything in the logs yet. They are already set to verbose. We're in the process of upgrading everyone to the lastest client. This issue seems to be affecting all users though. The first time this happened we restarted the OS. The second time we just restarted the PO Agent services. The service restart seemed to correct the issue temporarily at least. This is the same boxes we're having issues shutting down as well.

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    > We're running Windows Server 2012 R2 on both post office servers.

    Check system resource use, starting with the basics of RAM, CPU, and
    harddrive. Any of those running low will cramp your style big time on
    any OS.
    How much memory is used for caching rather than program data? You want
    it to be much more caching than programs for efficient use
    Is CPU hitting 100% much? If so check what is causing that.
    Are any drives under 10% free space? See about clearing space and/or
    adding more.
    What AntiVirus do you have on these servers? Make sure they aren't
    touching the GroupWise data directly, those folders must be excluded.

    Run through the basic system hygiene of flushing temp files and perhaps
    a disk defragment when you can fit that in. It is amazing how such
    simple steps can clear out odd problems. Ccleaner is my favourite tool
    for the cleanup part.
    And of course making sure (confirming) that the OS patches are up to

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  • Hi Jeremy,

    I suggest you take a look on the POA Web Console --> Status tab --> C/S Requests Pending (under Statistics) --> do you see numbers/data in there indicating that your system is unable to process client requests in a timely manner? Please let us know.