GW 18.2.0 client: inconsistent multiple users view through proxy

Hi all. Environment: GW 18.2.0, client build 15307. Problem in multi user calendar view.

User opens multi calendar view in his / her own account -> sees all calendars correctly, for all users that he / she needs to see. Now when this user proxies into a resource (the resource needs to see exactly the same multi calendars):

- the user, from the resource point of view, sees all the same calendars, except the resource's own calendar, and except the calendar of the original user (to which the resource has all rights)

- also, when the users switches back to his / her own account, in multi user view: misses excactly these two calendars as well.

So the now  "crippled"  and incorrect view, generated by proxying into the resource previously, is taken over in the user's own calendar.

Of course I have already checked if I could reproduce this behaviour on other workstations with the same client build.

Anyone any ideas?




  • Hi Jan,

    I am not able to duplicate this with build 18.2.0 135761.  When I proxy to the resource calendar, the multi user calendars appear exactly as they do when I am looking at it from the owner's calendar.  When I switch back to the owner's calendar, it still is showing correctly.  Please open an SR and request this FTF build.