QuickFinder Indexing log error c081


System: GroupWise 14.0.1 on SLES 11 sp3, 1 Domain, 1 PostOffice

My problem is when sending emails with attachments on webaccess (GWClient no problem).

Sending and reading the email and attachment is no problem, everything works OK but after QuickFinder Indexing you cant't open the attachment (you only get BLOB error: c081). What is even more strange is that when sending attachments from Mac computers (Safari or Chrome browser) over 90% of the emails with attachments report BLOB error, windows computers ~10% reports BLOB error.

POA log:
20:03:30 F3B7 Updating QuickFinder index: userkej.db (45)
20:03:30 F3B7 Indexing on attachment (Dokument.pdf)
20:03:30 F3B7 Error [C081], updating index: userkej.db, 96230

When I disable QuickFinder Indexing I don't get any BLOB errors.