GW 2012 SP2 - remove 'Create New Document' from toolbar

Hello All

We have GroupWise 2012 SP2 with software integrations not installed and not enabled.

By default the users receive the main toolbar with 'Create New Document' icon, which they can create a new document and have it put in the default PO library. We do not want the users to even know there is a place to save documents into a library. So, how can I remove the 'Create New Document' icon from the toolbar from all users? The toolbar is kept in the users db, so how can I as an administrator remove this icon from all the users toolbar? I do not see any option in the ConsoleOne 'Client Options' to take this away.

I can go individually to each user and remove the 'Create New Documents' icon with the customize toolbar properties, but that means I need to visit each user, something I hope not to do. Novell should have a way for administrators to make a default company toolbar and save it to all the users.

Any suggestions/help/advice

Have a good day.
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