Restoring a deleted users account

I am fairly new to GW admin, replacing our current admin. Laura if you see this, I am the guy Charlie Bristol spoke of.


I had to restore a couple of users. I followed the instructions we had to restore them.

I restored the wpdomain.db file to an off directory (/tmp/restore/)

In the GroupWise Administration console: Administration > System > Recover Deleted Account. Navigate to the folder where wpdomain.db was restored and select wpdomain.db.

Click the Account to Recover button and select the deleted account. This will restore the basic account information.

did that,

found the users ID (userxxx.db) restored that file directly back to its proper location. Stopped and started the POA services for that POA.

Then I did...
In the GroupWise Administration console: Administration > Post Office select the appropriate PO.
Click the Maintenance button and select Mailbox/Library Maintenance
Click the Maintenance on Post Office radio button
Check the Structure and Fix Problems check-boxes.
Uncheck the Content check-box.

Click OK to run GWCheck.

did this, saw the user was valid again via the gwcheck.

I also ran the users gwcheck as well.

The problem I am having is that all EXTERNAL email (from outside our domain) for this user, now looks like a sticky note and empty, no attachments, no content. The internal email seems fine. I had this happen to two real users and then I created a test user, and replicated all the steps, (deleting account, restoring etc). Same thing happened.
I even forwarded one of these sticky notes back to myself, it now shows as an email but also empty and no attachments.

All new email now coming in, is fine, no issues, its just the restored External email, Being one of these users is the HR manager, this is a big issue.

Does anyone have a solution? any help would be hugely appreciated.