How to find which users have an address in their FC?

Long story short:

A long time ago, Novell had a bug in their GWIA that changed/mangled all the internet email into the format

As such, we still have a lot of users that have 'bad' entries in their frequent contacts book.

Further exaccerbating the situation is that the user.po.domain is no longer valid (meaning the PO and Domain no longer exist, the user got moved).

Unfortunately asking the user to delete the address from their FC doesn't help much because all you need is one person that still has the "bad" address to reply to all or something and then those people do a reply to all and it'll get added back into the FC again.

So I was wanting/needing to know if there's a way to run a gwcheck that'll tell me who has a specific address in their FC.

I had gotten a special .DLL from Novell for the standalone gwcheck that can remove said entry, but I have to run it on a per-user basis.