Stop spelling auto correct. ESX > SEX


In GroupWise 2014, I have "check spelling as you type" un-checked in Options>Environment.
And in the Spell Check > Options, I have "Prompt before auto replacement" un-checked.

But still, every time I type ESX it auto changes to SEX after I hit space or enter.
And I haven't even seen this happen with anything else I type. Does NOT even happen if I type XES or SXE.

Any idea on what's causing this and how to stop it?



  • Hi,

    Take a look in this file: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Novell\GroupWise\EN_US.GQC (US could be something different based on your locale). Open in Notepad. Look for the ESX entry and the word it's being replaced with. Remove the entry and save the file. Test and let us know.